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Brewery Occupancy Classifcations; H-3 vs F-2

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Making the case for an F-2 occupancy for your brewery when the Fire Marshal says your an H-3 A reader posted an interesting comment about brewery occupancy classifications. After a bit more research it seems that other brewery owners have also had this issue. Question Our local fire engineer considers the fermentation tank room an H-3 occupancy (due to quantities of Class 1C flammable liquids), which severely limits the allowable Read More

Getting into a Craft-Brewery Zone

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Getting into a Craft-Brewery Zone takes clear communication. “Zoning is used to prevent new development from interfering with existing residents or businesses and to preserve the “character” of a community. Zoning is commonly controlled by local governments such as counties or municipalities.” Most likely you have probably found the city you would like to operate in, maybe even the street and building. That’s fine, but before negotiating for the property Read More

Monkish Brewing Company
Opens Brewery and Tasting Room in Torrance, Ca

Monkish Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in Torrance, California creating artisanal beers inspired by Belgian-ish farmhouse and monastic brewing traditions and philosophy. The brewing area houses a 15-barrel (1 barrel = 31 gallons) brewing system with fermentation and conditioning tanks. The tasting room is a space where guests may come to purchase and sample beer created at the brewery.

El Segundo Brewing Company
Opens Brewery and Tasting Room in El Segundo, Ca

El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) is a small craft brewery in El Segundo, California with “a love for hopes.” ESBC is a production craft brewery with attached Tasting Room, with production volumes roughly 90 barrels (2790 gallons) per month in the first year. Brewery operations are daily and consist of brewing, transferring beer between tanks, and kegging with actual brewing days approximately once a week. The Tasting Room is a Read More