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El Segundo Brewing Company
Opens Brewery and Tasting Room in El Segundo, Ca

El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) is a small craft brewery in El Segundo, California with “a love for hopes.” ESBC is a production craft brewery with attached Tasting Room, with production volumes roughly 90 barrels (2790 gallons) per month in the first year. Brewery operations are daily and consist of brewing, transferring beer between tanks, and kegging with actual brewing days approximately once a week. The Tasting Room is a small accessory to the brewery and offers patrons the opportunity to taste beers brewed on premises.

About Neil Rubenstein

Neil Rubenstein joined Rubenstein Architects in 2004 as co-founder of this second-generation architectural firm. With an extensive background as a Senior Technical Director in Visual Effects working for industry leading studios as, Sony Imageworks, Warner Digital, my vision for the firm is to blend my past experience creating buildings that possess a subtle character and personality of their own.